Business owner Aaron Ralls has had his business shut down for over five months due to concerns of coronavirus in California.

Mr. Ralls stated, “Sup guys, standing in front of my shop. Lucky’s Barbershop, been open going on 10 years and just hit me that I worked seven days a week for the first year to get this place built up into what it had become only for the last five months to have it shut down by our governor for whatever reasons he feels is necessary. But since it shut down, I’ve got four barbers have left, some getting out of the industry completely. And in the interim, this whole place is just being completely destroyed. Business is suffering. Businesses are closing left and right. And this is a huge issue not only for the city of Folsom. Many of these businesses aren’t going to come back, but for California in general.”

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The business own Aaron Ralls continued, “This is the bowling alley, which also at this time would be packed on a Friday with bowling leagues. A lot of seniors out here bowling, having a good time. Not to mention the bar and the restaurant that’s in here. And as you can see, everything’s shut down. It’s costing us a lot of money just to be shut down. Yet alone the income that we’re not making. “

Mr. Ralls also stated, “So I’m urging everyone that’s a business owner, and if you’re tired of this s***, let’s just open back up. If there’s enough of us, what can they do? What’s happening right now is unconstitutional. For a virus with a very low mortality rate, lower than what we’ve been facing our entire lives. So it doesn’t make sense for us to stay closed, for us to lose our livelihoods, for all these people to be out of business. And next is going to be losing homes, shutting down places. It’s just ridiculous.”

In mid-July, California Governor Gavin Newson re-shutdown the state once again this time closing all ‘indoor operations’.

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Governor Newson said back in mid-July, “Today, we are announcing additional statewide actions as it relates to our stay at home order here in the state of California. We are now effectively, rather effective today, requiring all counties to close their indoor activities, their indoor operations, in the following sectors: restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos and museums, card rooms and the shuttering of all bars. This is in every county in the state of California, not just the counties that were on the monitoring list that we announced on July 1st. So this is a new statewide action effective today. Every county in the state of California impacted by a requirement now to modify indoor operations and to expand opportunities for outdoor operations in these specific categories.”

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