Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle gathered in predominantly White neighborhoods demanding residents to ‘give Black people back their homes’.

One activist suggested to a resident inside their home, “You work for Amazon, don’t you? You work for Amazon, don’t you? Because the majority of people living in this district know what for Amazon because it’s the easiest commute to downtown for. Well, guess what? The guy you work for is part of the f***ing problem, too. So let’s not act like you just want to play this you because you’re wrong. The law. You okay? Would you look guess what? We’re not we’re bringing it to your front f***ing door.”

The protesters met with King County council member Girmay Zahilay on how ‘land transfer’ is ‘ one of the pieces of the Black Lives Matter demands’.

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Another protester stated, “There’s a lot of reparations to black and brown communities and indigenous communities to f***ing pay for. On the county level, city level, and the state level. Period. Y’all owe-. The city owes us. We don’t owe the city. The city owes us.”

He continued, “No, we’re not taking it anymore. We want-. We want it all. We want everything that we supposed to have. Period. And then some, too! Because everything we suppose to have ain’t enough. It damn sure ain’t enough. Not for all the years that we didn’t have to suffer. Damn sure ain’t enough. You feel what I’m saying.”

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The protester wanted to point out, “This neighborhood was predominantly black. If you look around it right now, what do you see? What do you see? A bunch of white people, right? How does a bunch of white people live in a predominantly black neighborhood? It’s called gentrification!”

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