Black billionaire Oprah Winfrey made the claim on her web show that being White “Gives you an advantage no matter what”, and Oprah also interviewed multimillionaire, former Eagles NFL player Emmanuel Acho who claimed, “White culture…I realized is very similar to a foreign language”

Oprah Winfrey stated, “The reason why I adore Emmanuel so much is because he is speaking to people’s hearts and understands that it really is a “heart issue” and you all are the ones who are going to be able to change the way your friends, your colleagues, your white family members begin to see racial injustice and racial inequities in this country. That’s where it happens. It’s going to happen at your kitchen table and in your living rooms and in your soccer games. And that’s where it’s going to happen. And your ability to have that influence wherever you are and to speak up wherever you are to share your heart.”

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Emmanuel Acho mentions, “I grew up in all-white culture, going to an affluent white high school. And then I played in the NFL and I played football in college and I’m with now all black people. And what I realized is very similar to a foreign language. If you’re ever going to be fluent in something, you have to be immersed in that culture.”

A White woman on a video call during the interview states, “So I live in this white community and I don’t have black friendships. And I think that’s-. That question plagues me.”

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Emmanuel Acho responds, “If you’re not careful, you’ll just find yourself-. Here’s what I told my friends with their white children, I said, y’all live in a white cul-de-sac in a white neighborhood, in a white city, in a white state. If you were not careful, your children will live their whole life white. And at 26, 27, they’ll end up being a part of the problem because you just let them and allowed them to live a completely white sheltered and cultureless life.”

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