Former Biden Staffer Tara Reade who accused Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden of sexual assault, claimed that the DNC lineup was offensive to assault victims.

Reade stated, “I’m a sexual assault survivor, so to me, what the speaker lineup you know showed is kind of a thumb you know in all our faces. It was really draconian and really disappointing. Rape culture in the United States is thriving under the Democratic Party. I feel like they are not only enabling, but they’re allowing that behavior to continue just by virtue of who they lined up as speakers who have credible sexual assault and harassment allegations against them.”

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Reade continued, “What I find really astounding has been the hypocrisy around the sexual assault and sexual harassment that I brought forth. You know, when there were Republicans being accused of that, the media and the reaction from the Democratic Party was quite different and quite aggressive and quite hostile to the perpetrator, potential perpetrator before it was even investigated. In my case, the hostility was directed right towards me. And I was basically silenced and erased by using classism and so on.

Members of “The View” stated that Reade’s claims against Biden have been weaponized by the Trump campaign.

Joy Behar stated, “So this accuser says that she is a, quote, ‘hard core Democrat’ and that she is not playing politics. But her story is now being used by the Trump campaign. So let’s not forget that Trump has been accused by multiple women, over 15, of sexual assault, which he denies, of course. So how is this going to impact the election? Do you think?”

Reade commented on what she would change about how to approach such investigations and how the Democratic Party ‘perpetuate’ these behaviors.

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Reade stated, “We need to figure out a different way to have the conversation. It’s not so much about believing someone before it’s been investigated. It’s more about how it’s approached. For instance, in my case, you shouldn’t have to lose everything to come forward. You should be able to tell your history of what happened without your life being destroyed and your family’s life being destroyed. And how sexual assault is being basically-. We’re being gaslighted, right? Collectively. They’re the me-. They’re pretending that they’re the upholders of the #MeToo like a shield.”

Reade continued, “But meanwhile, some of their main Democratic elite, some of the main powerful people involved with the party are actually perpetrators themselves. And it’s this denial, this collective denial and gaslighting of survivors that is so concerning to me. And frankly, I think the Democratic National Committee is complicit because they’re not just ignoring it. They’re participating it in continuing the behavior and enabling those perpetrators.”

Biden has since come out and dismissed Reade’s accusation as ‘flat out false’ when new details have emerged.

Biden stated, “In every case, the truth is what matters. And in this case, the truth is these claims are flat out false.”

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