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Portland Councilwoman Jo Ann Hardesty called 911 after a Lyft driver allegedly cancelled her ride. Councilwoman Hardesty is known for being anti-police and once blamed officers for allegedly starting fires during the violent George Floyd riots.

A 911 operator from the call said, “911, what’s your emergency?”

Councilwoman Hardesty answered, “Well, I got a Lyft driver that decided he would just drop me off at a service station and he wants me to get out and I’m not getting out of the car in the dark at a service station not happening. All because I asked him to put the window up, but I’m not leaving. He says I have to get out of his car or he’s calling the police. So I decided to call for help.”

The operator responded, “OK? I mean, technically it’s his property and you have a civil agreement. There’s no crimes involved.”

Hardesty continued, “Well he said he was calling the cops, that sort of you know”

He continued, “It’s not a crime to call the cops. Well, I mean, I could have. What was that?”

Hardesty stated, “I said I am not going to allow him to leave me on the side of the road. If I paid for I paid for a ride and he canceled it. He said he canceled it. So I’m just going to sit here until he sends me another ride.”

The Lyft driver responded, “I can’t send you a ride.”

The operator cut in, ” Only you got only you can you can order another ride. It’s not a crime its part of the user license agreement, when you accept taking rides with strangers. So I can have an officer come out, but they’re not going to be able to make him stay there.”

Hardesty stated, “I mean, he can’t go anywhere cause I’m not moving until another car comes. So, all right.”

The operator continued, “So I get an officer to come out. Where are you?”

Hardesty unsure said, “I don’t know where I am.”

The Lyft driver responded, “You are at the Chevron on ‘I’, on ‘I.”

Hardesty stated, “I do not think he knows where he is.”

The driver continued, “The Chevron!”

Hardesty stated, “Ok, apparently I’m at the Chevron.”

The 911 operator questioned what city Hardesty was in as well as what her name was, and assured her that officers will come out.

Hardesty once complained about police officers who are sent to stop violent protests.

Hardest stated, “And then if I were a police commissioner, I would actually not have the police responding in riot gear at a protest because all that does is actually increase tensions. It doesn’t it doesn’t reduce tensions.”

She continued, “We cannot afford not to respond to this attack on our democracy. This attack on our Constitution. And we would be foolish to believe that we could stay focused just on black lives and not address the fact the physical assault that are taking place on our community members every single night, I mean, we we’re still in a pandemic.”

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