Virginia is quickly becoming the new California.

Both chambers of the Virginia legislature passed radical anti-American bills to allow illegal aliens to obtain a driver’s license without proof of citizenship.

If Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, aka Governor Blackface, signs the bill, Virginia will become the 15th state to allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.

Since the far-left radical Democrats took full control of the Virginia state government in 2018, Virginia lawmakers have pushed for so-called “common sense” gun bans and the increase of the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Governor Northam, who has voiced his support for killing babies AFTER they are born, falsely claimed that his proposed gun control measures are constitutional.

“The pieces of legislation that we’re proposing, they don’t threaten the Second Amendment and they are constitutional,” said Governor Blackface.

Outraged patriotic Virginians spoke to reporters about the new bills telling them that they won’t comply with unconstitutional laws.

“These firearms, you could lay them on a table, on the floor. They’re not going to hurt anybody. It’s the people that picked them up with bad intention,” said Virginian Fred Deedie, who belongs to the group ‘We Will Not Comply.’

Over 20,000 patriotic Virginians protested at the Virginia state capitol building last month in support of their constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Despite the tens of thousands of peaceful protesters who showed up to tell the Virginia state government that they are against gun control, the radical far-left Democrats in Virginia have decided to proceed with their unconstitutional gun control measures.


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