Watchmaker Egard Watches, with a record of pushing back against various social issues, is creating a stir once again for releasing a stirring video reminding the public of what ideal “American freedom” is in the wake of persisting lockdowns across the country, divisiveness among parties and growing concerns on censorship from the Big Tech.

Egard Watches earlier created a buzz for releasing a video response to the controversial Gillette ad regarding “toxic masculinity,” and another video where the watch company defended the police during the height of the “Defund the Police” movement.

The video starts with a narration by Egard Watches owner, Ilan Srulovicz, asking “what is freedom?” as various screen caps of stories tied to lockdowns were shown — including how isolation negatively impacts the elderly — in contrast to the infamous photo of California Governor Gavin Newsom dining out with a group of people at the expensive French Laundry restaurant, violating his own coronavirus restrictions that time.

“What is freedom? Is it allowing others to decide what’s best for you, while this is how they live their lives, and this is how you live yours?”

The 3-minute video then shows multiple other news about various efforts at censorship by the big tech to curtail Americans’ right to free speech — including moves to ban President Donald Trump from social media, and threats to shut down other alternative platforms like Apple recently warning that it will take down Parler social networking app.

“We have a fundamental right in this great nation to stand tall and make those choices that despite our differences we can take a step back and live and let live  and see that through it all, we all want the same: our loved ones safe, and fed, and cared for; our fundamental abilities to express our views, dreams, and hopes unchallenged by accusations and hatred and most of all, censorship,” the video said.

“To drown out the voices seeking to divide us and to face our own hypocrisy.”

It then cut into clips of politicians and anchors from the mainstream media flip-flopping on its views whether to condone or encourage the riots nationwide last summer which largely depended on whether the protests aligned with them or not — while making outlandish claims.

The video showed an earlier statement from CNN’s Chris Cuomo saying “show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also encouraging riots across the country: “I just even don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country and maybe there will be.”

The Squad member, Ayanna Pressley, talking about “unrest” was also shown in the video. “There needs to be unrest on the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.”

It then compared recent videos of the same people talking about the protest that happened in D.C. on January 6. Speaker Pelosi calling the protesters as “enemies of the state,” CNN hosts saying it is “the biggest terror threat in this country” and other Democratic officials going as far as comparing the incident to the “Nazis” in Germany.

“Freedom is everything” 

“Sadly, we have forgotten that freedom isn’t free; that freedom is the result of great sacrifice,” the video continues.

“And we sit today with the great realization that freedom, despite all its greatness, can be taken in an instant.”

“So what is freedom?” the video concludes. “Freedom is more than a moment, more than a single action. Freedom is greater than any single idea. Freedom is everything.”

Srulovicz told The Daily Wire</a. that he decided to make the video to push back against the “escalation of censorship, hypocrisy, and disconnect between us as Americans, our politicians, and our country as a whole.”

“I care about this country deeply and refuse to give up on it without a fight. It’s not just me, we as a company care about this country. It’s clear as day that right now, every major organization, corporation, and media source is only allowing one narrative to be said. Any challenge to said narrative no longer results in debate, or even opposition, but absolute censorship,” he said.

Losing the “battle of freedom”

“Our president, like him or not, is currently censored on every major social media platform. The Walk Away movement is censored. Huge corporations like Shopify are taking part in this. It is unacceptable. We are losing the battle of freedom, and I wanted to remind people what that means. Freedom is everything. We have nothing without it.”

He went on to say that the issue is “no longer about you, me, or any individual; it’s about us as a country.”

“The most powerful asset I currently have is my company, and I am going to use it unapologetically to stand up for these ideals. It’s time, now, for companies to step up and step forward and put out opposing narratives. To show that freedom of speech still has a chance. We need voices from more than just individuals,” he added.

In its video,  Egard Watches wrote: “As of making this video the censorship continues. The Walk Away movement has been targeted by Facebook. If companies, organizations and those with influence don’t start speaking up to say it’s wrong… we will all lose.”

Meanwhile, here are Egar Watches other controversial videos:

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