Chris Lavish, a 26-year-old “influencer and digital director,” is being ridiculed after giving an interview to The Cut. In the magazine’s profile, Lavish stated that he finds it “very invasive” when people look him in the eye and claims that is the reason he always wears sunglasses, favoring a pair of “big Guccis” when he is out in public.

The heavily tattooed influencer said that he doesn’t drink, smoke, watch TV, read books, or eat meat, and is being branded as “the reason old people hate millennials” after the magazine released the profile.

During the interview, Lavish said that he chooses to wear sunglasses “because it’s very invasive for somebody to look you straight in the eye,” continuing, “Like, who let you into my eyes? Who let you in there?”

One Twitter user, Brian Vu, expressed his disdain for the article, saying, “This might be the worst thing I’ve read in a while.” He accompanied the comment with a picture of the piece from the magazine.

The tweet, which was posted early on Monday, has since received over 24,000 likes and 640 comments.

One comment said, “When old people talk about how much they hate millennials. This is what they’re talking about.”

Another expressed a similar sentiment, writing: “What’s really impressive is that he somehow managed to incorporate all of the worst Millennial stereotypes into five answers.”

Others headed over to Lavish’s Instagram feed and posted their findings to the discussion.

Lavish has over 33,000 followers on Instagram and was given a corporate card by Matcha Bar for sharing images of the shop’s $15 CBD lattes.

“I’m vegan and straight edge,” Lavish said, according to a report by the Daily Mail. “Getting tattoos is how I relax. It’s my therapy.”

Source: The Tribunist

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