A young soldier was shot and killed by police who was said to have been attempting to prevent a mass shooting. An Alabama Mall was the scene where multiple shots were fired. Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. (in picture below/right) was attempting to prevent this mass shooting, or so some sources are saying. He was shot by a mall security officer and was pronounced dead at the scene (images of him slain will not be shown out of respect for him and his family) but the issue is, was this a racially based killing by the police? The answer? WE DON’T KNOW YET! The only information we have been given has been very limited and has not cleared Emantic of all innocence, but it has also not found him guilty of anything. Again, we still do not have all the facts.

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr.

But as per usual, celebrities are banging the race drum saying this was a race related shooting. One such celebrity, DL Hughley, seems to think it was. My question is this; how can he possibly know that without first knowing all the facts? Was this a justified shooting? We don’t know. Did Emantic commit any crime or wrongdoing? We don’t know, but according to what the news is reporting, all he was doing was exercising his 2A right in attempting to prevent a mass shooting, but the questions still remain-was it based on race or failing to identify friend or foe on behalf of the mall security officer? Was Emantic a participant in the actual mass shooting? Again, we don’t know.

The point is that we have to stop jumping to conclusions. Until we have all the facts, we cannot possibly know the intentions of the officers on the scene nor of Emantic. Was this an accidental killing? It very much seems that way and as such, those responsible NEED to be held accountable IF that is how this actually transpired. Again, the news conflates and slants in order to draw ratings. The more hatred they stir, the more their ratings rise.

An investigation is currently being done on this matter and as of now, the shooters have not been caught. Until we received all the facts, we’re simply trying to finish a puzzle missing the main pieces.

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