Yes, she really said it. She really made that comparison. Cortez in a tweet made the comparison that the caravan of “refugees” are liken to the Jews fleeing the Third Reich during the years of persecution in Nazi controlled Germany. Well, last I checked, these so called “refugees” were offered jobs and housing by Mexico during their illegal invasion and declined, opting instead to push to the border of America. That doesn’t sound much like what the Jews went through. What Cortez is trying to do here is use the comparison to stir and emotional response form her fan base and paint Trump to be the Hitler of this generation, a term many democrats have used repeatedly with no facts to prove their highly disrespectful accusation yet rely singularly upon the emotions of the people.

The Jews also suffered massively at the hands of the Third Reich which totaled upwards of 6 million murdered as a result of Hitler’s “final solution.” This caravan is not being persecuted nor having acts of violence committed against it; in fact, they’ve been given food by many along the way and in some situations, encouraged to continue upwards towards the border of the United States. Once having reached the border, some even began pelting border security officers with large rocks. Seems like something the Jews did too, right? “Hey Poland! Let us in or I swear to Abraham I will shove this rock so far up your….” no, not even close.

Alyssa Milano, I know she’s an idiot but just bare with me, jumped on the Trump hate band wagon by also trying to paint Trump and his administration as being the guilty party for the caravan breaking the immigration laws of this country. In her own tweeting of stupidity, she claims in a round about way that border patrol was gassing women and children.

Well, if they would stop breaking the law, that might not happen? That’s kind of how this whole thing works? When you attempt and invade and go against the current standing laws resulting in you conducting yourself in a criminal fashion, you tend to be treated like a….wait for it…criminal? This is the true liberal mentality; act like a criminal and then when you’re treated like one, cry victim. Alyssa also has come under heavy fire by her own self eating leftist SJW groups for caring more for illegal immigrants over the forest fire victims of California. in a tweet, she’s asked to help raise $100k for the illegal caravan, and yet her fellow Americans are without shelter due to the devastation of the raging forest fires. This only further shows how little her types care for actual Americans over illegals.

Can we just deport them all? Please?

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