President Donald Trump has officially signed the coronavirus stimulus bill into law. The bill was set into motion during an Oval Office ceremony on Friday. The economic stimulus bill will provide the American economy with a $2 trillion relief package, as the nation looks for a way forward from the global pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally altered every aspect of modern society. The bill was signed by Trump hours after it passed the House with a bipartisan voice vote.

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“I think we are going to have a
tremendous rebound,” said the president before signing the bill.

The Senate passed the coronavirus stimulus bill with a unanimous vote on Wednesday evening. Struggling industries and unemployed Americans are going to receive the support that they need in as timely of a fashion as possible.

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The financial devastation of this
outbreak is difficult to measure.  There
is no real precedent that we can point to during moments like these.  Direct cash payments are going to be provided
to Americans so that they are able to remain solvent while they wait for their
workplaces to resume a normal schedule.

And when are Americans going to be able to return to work? That is anyone’s guess at the current moment.

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President Trump offered praise for the coronavirus stimulus bill.  He happily signed the bill and is hopeful that it will provide the necessary financial relief for working-class Americans and struggling businesses.

The House vote took place after Republicans and Democrats summoned various House members to Washington, D.C. on Thursday night.

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The package was in danger of not
passing by a voice vote. House leaders were hoping to avoid such an event
because they wanted to avoid having their name of the record with how they
voted on the bill.

Some Republican representatives were
threatening to force a roll call vote, which would require all elected representatives
to come back to the Capitol to vote in person, as House rules do not permit
voting from a remote location.

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) fired off a series of tweets, claiming that he would be the one to force a roll call vote. He believes that House members should be forced to enter their votes on the record.

According to Massie, the House needed to do its job, just like the Senate was asked to.

The request was
eventually thwarted. Massie did not have the necessary support from other
members. The bill was passed by a voice vote after a three-hour debate.  Both parties realized the need to come
together, despite any misgivings that they may have had.

The legislation will now provide various groups of Americans with the funding that they need, in the form of direct payments.

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