A North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy delivered a powerful speech defending the Second Amendment during a Davidson County Board of Commissioners meeting.

“I’m not going to enforce an unconstitutional law,” said Deputy Tripp Kester.  “The Constitution needs no explanation, it’s been enforced for several hundred years now. It’s easy to understand. Says what it means and means what it says.”

Kester continued, “The last time I read the Declaration of Independence, it specifically reminds all of us that we’re endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, which means God-given. Among these life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. And that governments were instituted among men specifically to secure our God-given rights. And it says when government becomes destructive to these ends, meaning when they go above and beyond, trying to secure our liberties and trying to take them, it’s the right of the people to alter or abolish that government.”

Several other North Carolina residents went up to the podium and echoed the sheriff’s deputy’s defense of the Second Amendment.

I’m concerned tonight and the reason I’m here that we’ve already lost some of our Second Amendment rights,” said the pastor of a North Carolina church.  “I have the privilege of pastoring a church that has a Christian school. We cannot protect our kids in our school because our Second Amendment rights have already been taken away from us.”

The pastor went on to explain that North Carolina anti-gun laws make it nearly impossible for school faculty to guarantee the safety of their students: “When our parents put students in our school, they say, ‘What assurances do we have that you will protect our students?’ And we have to say to them, ‘The only way we can protect your students is illegally,’ because the law in the state of North Carolina says that, yes, we might have a gun on our property, but it has to be out in the parking lot, in a car, in a locked box, behind a locked car. So when an individual comes into our school to do harm to our faculty and our students, according to our legislature, we have to say, wait just a minute.

After hearing from county residents at the meeting, the Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to declare Davidson County a Second Amendment sanctuary, which ignited a roar of applause from those in attendance.

The debate over “Second Amendment sanctuary” counties has reached national attention after dozens of counties in Virginia declared themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuaries in response to extreme gun confiscation measures that are being pushed by the far-left Democrats who control the Virginia state government.


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