Jerry Jones says that the Dallas Cowboys will all be standing for the National Anthem this season. Many are lapping this decision up and rejoicing that the owner of “America’s Team” has finally put his foot down, but is it too little too late?

In 2017, Jones had announced that no one would be kneeling for the National Anthem. Jones then went on to openly kneel before the anthem with his team locked arm in arm in a show of unity.

When asked, Jones was quoted as saying: “We all agreed that our players wanted to make a statement about unity and equality. They were very much aware that that statement when made or when attempted to be made in and a part of in recognition of our flag cannot only lead to criticism but also controversy,” Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News.
“It was real easy for everybody to see the message of unity and equality was getting pushed aside or diminished by controversy. We even had the circumstances that it was being made into a controversy,” Jones added.

With that being said, Jones knew full well how his statement would be interpreted, and instead chose to kneel anyways. The issue is actually two fold: kneeling for the National Anthem is one, and the other is kneeling in protest to a false narrative that was proven wrong by statistics provided by the FBI and DOJ. the #BLM movement perpetuated a belief of black oppression and brutality at the hands of the police; racial inequality and injustices. Main stream liberal news networks only fan the fires of moral outrage based upon emotion with no hard evidence.

To provide an example of what it is that I’m saying,;it would be like saying that all police are bad based upon the individual actions highlighted by social media where video footage is edited, or cut short before or after, in order to manipulate the story and trick the viewer into thinking the police officer was in the wrong. With that train of thought, would I then be justified in saying that all black people are bad based upon the statistics provided by the DOJ citing that blacks make up for more than 54% of the crime out of 325 million Americans? Of course not! Why? Because the actions of the individual do not reflect the actions, or beliefs, of anyone else.

So knowing all of this, and knowing this movement was based upon emotions and lacking serious facts, Jones still chose to KNEEL. He was posturing. They claimed to show unity, but they still bent the knee which gave credence to the idea that the BLM movement was right.

So as for my opinion? Too little, too late. Jones had his chance to make a stand for what was factually proven to be right, but instead he pandered and attempted to play both sides. It blew up in his face and now he’s attempting to make it right without issuing an apology, or even admitting he was wrong. Patriots stand for what they believe in, not kneel for what they’re told to kneel for.

Where goes freedom, there go I.

John Burk

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