Tesla CEO Elon Musk raised some doubts over the accuracy of the coronavirus tests being done across the country after undergoing four tests in a day and getting two different results.

The eccentric billionaire businessman suspects “something strange” is going on and observers suggest this could be contributing to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

“Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for Covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD,” Musk said on Thursday.


In a separate tweet, Musk, who frequently interacts with his close to 40 million followers in the social media, said he has taken Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test after and the result would come out in a day.

“If it’s happening to me, it’s happening to others. I’m getting PCR tests from separate labs. Results will take about 24 hours,” he tweeted.


The Tesla and SpaceX founder noted that his symptoms were “minor” — like a common cold and “not much else.”


The rapid tests’ anomaly

Musk went on to answer questions about the incident on Twitter.

“Technically, I tested positive, then negative twice, then positive again, so “Elon Musk Tests Negative for Covid” is an equally correct title. The “rapid antigen test” from BD seems to be about as useful as flipping a coin,” he added.


Later that day, the Tesla CEO said he has experienced “mild sniffles & cough & slight fever [the] past few days.”

“Right now, no symptoms, although I did take NyQuil,” he added.


Dr. Eugene Gu, Founder and CEO of CoolQuit.com offered a possible explanation to Musk’ experience.

“It matters what order you received those results. If you had the first two tests come back negative earlier in the day and then the last two tests come back positive later in the day, then it could mean you passed the threshold for detecting the coronavirus as they replicated,” he said in response to Musk.


“If the test’s sensitivity is lower than its specificity, then you could have had a true positive result, followed by two false negatives, and then another true positive. Hope you feel better and get well soon,” he added.


New lockdown measures pushed

Musk’s tweets came as COVID-19 cases in the US started to spike once again, now with more than 10 million cases recorded across the country compared to the worldwide total of over 53 million cases.


The recent increases in COVID-19 cases have prompted officials to reinstate restrictions anew in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Chicago became the first major city to announce a stay-at-home advisory starting November 16.

Earlier, the Tesla CEO urged governors to reopen the economy and called stay-at-home orders “fascist” as it deprives Americans of their constitutional rights.


“It’s breaking people’s freedoms in ways that are horrible and wrong and not why they came to America or built this country,” Musk said then.

“If somebody wants to stay in their house that’s great, they should be allowed to stay in their house, they should not be compelled to leave, but to say that they cannot leave their house and they will be arrested if they do, this is fascist,” he added.

“This is not Democratic. This is not freedom. Give people back their goddamn freedom.”

Fauci: It’s time to do what you’re told

Separately, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the US’ inability to curb the disease could be due to Americans’ “independent spirit” — nonetheless, he noted that it’s time for people to “do what they’re told.” by health experts and the government.

“I was talking with my UK colleagues who are saying the UK is similar to where we are now, because each of our countries have that independent spirit,” Dr. Fauci said. “I can understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told.”

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