A mother that names her daughter “ABCDE” but it’s supposed to be pronounced, according to her, ‘Ab-si-dee’. No, this isn’t made up, it’s 100% true. The story broke when a gate agent for Southwest Airlines supposedly made fun of the mother’s daughter for the highly unusual name. Was that right? Of course not. When you represent a company, you hold yourself to a standard that doesn’t lower itself to petty mocking, BUT that doesn’t apply to fellow soon to be classmates. Redford, the mother, doesn’t give an explanation why she named her daughter that, but needless to say that it will not go over very easy for the innocent daughter. 

All I can ask is why? What did you think is going to happen to your daughter in this day and age when trolling and bullying is so prevalent? Did you think the world would turn a blind eye and do the right thing and respect her very odd, and in my opinion very foolish, name? Of course not! That’s not the way the world works! Sure, you can do whatever you see fit and bending to the peer pressure of strangers isn’t always a good thing, but sometimes social interaction helps some to change themselves for the better by being made to see how funny, or in this case flat out stupid, things we may do or say appear to the rest of the world.

I mean, what crossed your mind after you squeezed her out regarding what to name her?

-Holds newborn child in her arms as tears of joy stream down her face-

-Doctor says “So what would you like to call her?”

-Mother sneezes

-Doctor “Abcde? Are you sure?”

Maybe in that situation I could see the mix up, but good grief. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen and it will be the child that suffers for her mothers need to be a special little unicorn and do something completely out of the ordinary. So she can’t honestly be shocked when you name your child ABCDE and then see her crying after school when fellow classmates make fun of her for it. Hell, why not just name her Rainbow Sherbert. At least that way she’ll be associated with something positive?

Hopefully, when the kiddo grows up after years of torment and bullying, she changes her first name and tells her mom to go f*ck herself for having subjected her to a life of needless mockery and bullying. Great job mom. You’re the best! Kidding, you’re an idiot.

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