Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, posted a video of him in prayer asking for President Donald Trump’s reelection.

Robertson, 74, a pro-Trump supporter captioned “We’re at a crossroads. Here’s my prayer today for our country and our president,” in his social media post as he asked for God’s intercession to give the incumbent Republican president four more years in office.

“Here in America many of our people, Father, have fallen the ways of the evil one,” the American professional hunter said.

“I pray that you give us time to repent as a nation to turn back to you, Father,” he added.

“My prayer is that you be with one Mr. Donald J. Trump. You know him, Father. We started with him early,” Robertson said. “We told him what you told us to tell him — that Jesus died for him, was raised from the dead.”

“I would pray, Father, give us four more years with him,” the reality star further said in his video that has garnered over 110,000 views and at least 900 comments.

“Help us, Father. Protect us from the evil one each and every day we live,” he concluded.

Robertson to voters: “vote godly”

The “Jesus Politics” author earlier called Americans to “vote godly”.

“Vote for leaders who will promote religious liberty, protect our rights to practice Christianity in every public square, and live lives aligned with Jesus’ politics,” the A&E star said before the elections.

In a separate post, he also asked Americans to choose a leader “who will protect capitalism” which he described as the “system that allows us to direct our money toward causes that honor Jesus.”


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