After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, many students became overnight activists. The youthful energy of their protests catapulted them into the national spotlight. Now David Hogg, one of the most visible of this new breed of activists, has launched a hashtag campaign. The new hashtag, though, isn’t playing like Hogg had intended.

“The sound of gunfire echoes everywhere,” he wrote. “You hear it in our cities, towns, and it brings grief to our Native American friends, too. But you know what’s louder? The sound of all of YOU demanding change. use #YOUniversallyTriggered to speak for your right to live and be safe.”

The play on words, and the reclamation of the term “triggered,” were supposed to inspire people to share.

“Gun violence affects all of us in different ways share how is does or has affected you with,” he added. His typo created another new hashtag: #YOUniverallyTriggered.

Still, there’s another side of the gun debate that Hogg and his ilk tend to ignore. Guns save lives, too. And some of those survivors chose to respond to Hogg’s call to share their stories.

Others simply mocked his efforts.

Trigger, in typical parlance, is a metaphor. In this case, though, some are showing their literal triggers.

There’s another aspect of what Hogg is attempting that hasn’t escaped notice. It is nice that he has some Native American friends, yet others see this as pandering drivel.

The effort to reduce all of his Native American friends to one common group with a single perspective on firearms simply fell flat.

Hogg must have some women friends, too.

Yet, as the Daily Wire points out, there were those willing to embrace Hogg’s new hashtag.

What are the odds that “t” has any real perspective on defensive gun uses, much less the efficacy of handguns and rifles?

She won’t be easily swayed, though.

Even when logic rears its ugly head.

Hogg’s twitter ambitions are just one element of his developing, and very public celebrity. He’s pushing politicians and corporations hard, hoping to enact change. Some of his demands, though, appear somewhat unrealistic. Publix, for example, is a grocery store chain centered in Florida that had been providing politicians on both sides of the aisle with financial support. Now, after Hogg targeted them, the company has shut down all political donations. Yet that’s not enough for Hogg, who has issued a new demand.

So what’s next for Hogg? “Hogg and fellow prominent Parkland activist Emma González recently announced that they will be embarking on a 20-state, 75-stop tour to promote gun control this summer,” DW writes.

“I’m glad I’m getting my diploma and not my death certificate,” Hogg told reporters.

“If you don’t support this … it’ll look like you’re going against kids,” González said.

And there’s the crux of this argument. González knows she has a winning card. How can anyone look one of these children in the face and tell them that they are wrong, even when their arguments are riddled with logical fallacies? Perhaps allowing the children to instruct adults really is the best strategy. What could possibly go wrong?

Source: The Tribunist

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