The counting of absentee ballots in Detroit turned chaotic on Wednesday after hundreds of people claiming to be supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the TFC Center — where votes are being canvassed.

Clips showed Republicans and pro-Trump supporters wanting to observe the counting and demand transparency amid growing concerns over fraud.

Local election officials, however, were seen blocking windows to the center, preventing observers from knowing what’s going on inside the canvassing area.

“The scene at Detroit’s absentee ballot counting center is growing more heated. The windows now covered up. Allegations of violations. Sec[retary] of State says she welcomes challenges,” Matt Finn, a Fox News producer on the site said.

“Some of the windows remain blocked off. I asked a few people who taped them up and why, no clear answer. A few poll challengers / workers tell us they feel there wasn’t a fair number of repubs and dems in this room,” he added.

“An attorney for the city of Detroit, Lawrence Garcia, tells me he ordered some of the windows be covered because some of the workers nearest the windows felt concerned with people outside potentially filming them or ballots,” Finn further said.

Lawsuit in Michigan

The campaign of President Trump filed a lawsuit in Michigan, laying the groundwork for contesting the results in the battleground state, as the incumbent President’s commanding lead in the early counting on Tuesday evening evaporated overnight as numbers from mailed ballots started to come in.

In their lawsuit, the Trump campaign demanded better access for campaign observers to locations where ballots are being processed for transparency. They also want the counting to stop until their requests are granted.

Various videos from the site showed the Trump supporters gathering as they chant “stop the vote” and “stop the count” as election officials attempt to cover windows with boxes, cupboards or even pizza boxes to block the view from those who want to observe the counting.

Other videos showed police officers in Michigan guarding the doors to the counting centers, preventing observers from entering.

Fraud concerns

President Trump showed a strong lead in Michigan, a key battleground state, when votes were counted on the night of the Election Day, with at least 107,000 votes ahead of Democratic challenger Joe Biden when the counting was at 81%.

His lead dwindled, however, when votes from mailed-in ballots were counted.

Reports said Michigan has 3.1 million mail-in ballots which the Court allowed to be received and counted until Friday if they are postmarked by November 3.

President Trump, himself, said he would take the battle to the Supreme Court describing the sudden turnaround in the counting numbers as a “ fraud on the American public” and an “embarrassment to the country.”

On Wednesday, the President’s campaign also filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

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