The Republican Party in Arizona is demanding that Fox News retract the “rash call” that Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has won the state as President Donald Trump cuts further into Biden’s lead in the Grand Canyon State.

“We’re calling on @FoxNews to retract its early and rash call that Biden has won AZ,” the Arizona GOP said on Wednesday evening, arguing that even other media “haven’t made a call.”

The Arizona Republican Party noted that at least 600,000 votes are yet to be counted and the GOP has edge in those remaining returns.

Jason Miller, President Trump’s 2020 Senior Advisor also retweeted a report from Maricopa County, the largest county in Arizona, which said that the early vote map has just reached the “400k uncounted votes” which will be “R+72k.”

@realDonaldTrump is going to win Arizona. He could be in the lead there as soon as tonight,” Miller, who earlier predicted the incumbent president’s Arizona victory said.

“We call on both Fox News and the Associated Press to immediately withdraw their calling the state for Joe Biden,” Miller said in a conference call on Wednesday.

Remaining uncounted ballots favor Trump

Data analytics and survey research firm, Data Orbital, also predicts that President Trump is still on track to win the state.

“This breakdown is inline with what we are estimating and why we believe @realDonaldTrump will carry AZ. These ballots are heavily Republican and will break in his favor. We estimate about 500k outstanding ballots,” it said.

“Real question is, when @realDonaldTrump wins tonight’s update by more than 60% will @FoxNews finally recant their premature call?” it added.

“As we wait for the first 9pm eastern update from Maricopa (70k expected). Of the remaining 414k ballots in Maricopa, Republicans have an advantage of 17.6%. The strong Election Day vote had an R+20% edge,” it said.

More ballots in Maricopa County by Thursday

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also remained confident about the incumbent Republican president’s position in Arizona, saying that President Trump’s campaign “maintains” that he will win the state by 30,000 votes.

She also retweeted several posts of the current counting situation in Maricopa, Arizona.

“Maricopa tightening for President @realDonaldTrump!,” she said.

On Thursday morning, Maricopa County dropped 62,002 votes with President Trump reportedly winning 57.9% of it compared to Biden’s 40.5% — putting total count for Arizona at 912,585 for Biden (51%), and 838,071 for Trump (47%) for a difference of just over 70,000 votes.

More batches of votes are expected out of Maricopa today, making the race “too close to call” according to CNN and the New York Times.

Fox News gets backlash

Fox News came under fire for rashly calling the Arizona race in favor of Biden on Tuesday night while waiting for the turnout in other key battleground states like Florida and Texas —  both won by President Trump.

Meanwhile, local reports said around 200 pro-Trump supporters gathered in Phoenix chanting “four more years,” “count the votes” and “shame on Fox,” according to local outlet AZFamily.


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